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Waacks Bakery

Stawell - Ararat - Horsham




Welcome to Waacks Bakery

Waack’s Bakery has been successfully operating as a family run since 1995.  A major key to its success is the wonderful staff, and the hard work that they do each day, in order to provide the locals with the delicious products that they love to eat. The team at Waacks also enjoy giving young people an opportunity to acquire new skills, and to learn and build a career in the baking & hospitality industry.

The team at Waack’s are very excited about the delicious products and services that we can provide and hope all of our customers enjoy them as much as we do!

Waack’s Bakery is located Stawell, Ararat & Horsham


The History of Waack’s

In 1995 Chris Waack read a one line advertisement in the Weekly Times which read “Bakery for sale suit family”. From humble beginnings, it has now grown into the well known and respected Waack’s Bakery, of which is now owned and locally managed by Shane and Kate Ratcliffe. The business has been built on the philosophy of always producing quality products, providing exceptional customer service, whilst still having a bit of fun along the way.

In 1999 Waack’s expanded into Ararat, establishing an iconic bakery in the middle of the main street. The bakery was originally small, but is now 3 shops wide and seats over 100 people. It is a wonderful spot to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a delicious Amanti coffee. The selection of delicious products is broad, with focaccia’s, salad rolls and wraps, along with an extensive list of scrumptious pastries, including Chicken and Leek Pies, Potato Pies, Lamb Shank in Red Wine Pies or one of the silver medal steak pies.

In 2006, Waack’s expanded into Horsham, through the purchase of a small bakery on the corner of Firebrace St and Roberts Place. This bakery provides the perfect spot for shoppers and local workers to enjoy a lovely cup of Amanti coffee and a delicious pie.

Waack’s Bakery is built on quality and service, so it is important that Waack’s maintains and exceeds these standards at all times. The team at Waack’s Bakery also pride themselves on being involved in local communities, and by providing people with the opportunity to work and give back to their own community.

Waack’s Bakery has won a number of awards over the years, including the prestigious award for Australia’s best Vanilla Slice at the Ouyen Vanilla Slice Triumph. Waack’s Bakery was also awarded Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun at the ‘Easter in the Fruit Bowl’ run by the Baking Association of Australia at Shepparton.

In 2000 Waack’s were a major part of Stawell’s record 501 meter long lamington and then the 2001 defended the title with an even longer lamington, measuring in at an impressive 521 meter long!

In 2004 Waack’s Bakery was a major organiser of the 59th Jazz Conversion in Stawell. Waack’s Bakery is also well known for being a long term sponsor of the Stawell Gift, and in 2010 and 2011, stepped up their support to sponsor a final at the Gift.

Waack’s Bakery currently run 3 retail outlets with a major production facility in Stawell, employing approximately 50 staff from shop staff to bakers, delivery drivers and office staff, with a focus on employing and training young people so they go on to become valuable members of our communities in the future.

Waack’s bake a large range of fresh products each day with a focus on producing innovative and quality food that all of the family can enjoy. There is a large range of iconic products, using the freshest ingredients, including Chilli Pies, Pizza Pies, Delicious Slices and Donuts and of course who could forget ‘Australia’s Best’ Vanilla Slice. 

. . . . and of course as Mable says “it was very very nice”